Mentorship Programme

The WCN mentorship programme offers members one-on-one guidance and support from established professionals in their relevant fields. Our mentors are top professionals with inspiring careers and academic backgrounds excited to invest their time and knowledge to empower future leaders.

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Apply to the Mentorship Programme. WCN will pair you with a professional that matches your profile and goals.

Meet your mentor, set personalized goals and create a plan for the period. Together you will attend networking events, exclusively hosted for participants in the WCN Mentorship Programme.

At the end of the programme, take time to reflect upon your goals, journey and how far you’ve come.

Throughout the programme, the participants are recommended to keep in contact on a monthly basis via meetings, e-mail or telephone. The mentor and mentee are encouraged to arrange further contact and meetings outside the minimum recommendations. During the Mentorship Programme networking events are organised for the mentors and mentees to have a possibility to meet other participants of the programme.

The Mentorship Programme is currently available in Helsinki and Stockholm.

Our Mentorship program aims to offer our members a unique platform where they
can find inspiration and personalized guidance from experienced professionals.
It's designed as a springboard for members to challenge themselves, pinpoint
their objectives, and craft a strategic career plan. This journey is facilitated with
the support of a mentor, ensuring that each member has the guidance and
encouragement needed to navigate their professional path successfully.

Who is “the mentorˮ
Our mentors are professionals working
within different fields of law
and business and passionate
about empowering future

Structure of the program

Our goal is to establish a mentorship program that not only provides value but also
inspires both mentors and mentees. To achieve this, we carefully pair each mentor
with a mentee based on shared interests, previous experiences, and mutual
expectations, ensuring a foundation for a meaningful connection. The program,
running from September to April, expects mentors and mentees to maintain at
least monthly contact, fostering a consistent and supportive relationship.
However, recognizing the potential for deeper engagement and learning, we
strongly encourage all participants to exceed these minimum guidelines. By
arranging additional meetings and interactions at their discretion, mentors and
mentees can further enrich their mentorship experience, enhancing the benefits
for both parties. This approach aims to create a dynamic and fulfilling mentorship
journey, tailored to the unique needs and ambitions of each pairing.

Please be aware that while applicants from cities other than Stockholm are
encouraged to apply, it is important to note that the program will be conducted in
Stockholm. Consequently, the WCN is unable to provide financial assistance for
travel expenses incurred by participants from outside Stockholm.

Application Requirements
To apply for the program, candidates are required to submit the following

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Your CV should be up-to-date, highlighting youreducational background, professional experiences, skills, and any relevant achievements or projects.
  • Motivation Letter: This letter is a critical component of your application. Itshould detail:
    • Your motivation for applying to the program: Explain why you are interested in this program and how you believe it will benefit your personal and professional development.
    • Your interests: Describe the areas you are passionate about, especially those relevant to the program and its objectives.
    • Your career aspirations: Share your professional goals and how you
      envision the program helping you to achieve them.

Selection Criteria

The selection of candidates will be based on the documents provided. We are
looking for individuals who demonstrate a clear understanding of their
professional goals, a strong motivation to participate in the program, and interests
that align with the programʼs objectives.

Please ensure your application is thorough and reflective of your capabilities and aspirations.

We look forward hearing from you!

The Mentorship Programme in Helsinki runs from January 2024 to May 2024. The aim of the programme is to provide students with the opportunity to find inspiration and guidance from professionals that suits their profile.


  • University student in business, law, or tech in Finland
  • Proficiency in English

How to apply

Applying for the programme will automatically make you a WCN member.

The application period for the 2024 programme is now closed.


Are you a professional and interested in becoming a Mentor for the Mentorship Programme in Stockholm?
Apply by sending an email to Find more information about the programme structure above.
We look forward hearing from you!