WCN is a network for women who believes in combining passion and hard work. We believe that success is the result of genuine interest and dedication. By uniting women who share our values we want to inspire and motivate more women to challenge society’s gender norms and contribute to a higher percentage of women on leading company positions.

As a Local Manager you are in charge of ensuring that the local team operates in accordance to the WCN guidelines and are the contact person between the local team and the board. This position develops your leadership skills, but requires an entrepreneurial spirit and strong communication skills, since you not only reach out to interesting companies, but are responsible for internal communications.

Please include the following information in your application: 
● Name, phone number, email address
● What you study and at which school
● Location of WCN-team you apply for
● We only want you to attach your CV, in order for us to get a quick overview

Send your application to recruitment@womenscareernetwork.com. You are welcome to ask questions before submitting your application if you have any.