Self Leadership: The Keys to Empowering Yourself | Nova Talent x Women’s Career Network

Nova has partnered with the Women’s Career Network (WCN) and invites you to an digital evening for inspiration and meaningful conversations. The event with the topic “Self Leadership: The Keys to Empowering Yourself” will exclusively give Nova Members and WCN members the opportunity to gain insights about the networks, but also connect with each other whilst discussing topics related toself-leadership and personal development. 

The event will start with an introduction to Women’s Career Network, and to Nova. We have also invited the 2021 Nova 111 Jury’s Choice and previous WCN advisory board member Annie Lindmark to talk about self-leadership and Empower Cards; a card deck with questions around gratitude, values, and dreams, that she and her co-founder Sofie Johnson has developed. After Annie’s presentation, we will split into groups and use Empower Cards to discuss the three different topics and how they are related to Personal Development and Self-Leadership. 

Who is Annie Lindmark?

Annie Lindmark is a Nova Member since 2013 & a former member of the advisory board for Women’s Career Network. Annie is also the 2021 Nova 111 List Jury’s Choice within the Politics & Public Sector. Annie is the Program Director at Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova and works with funding of innovation as well as emerging technologies for sustainable growth. Annie is also the Swedish representative in the Nordic Innovation Task Force for Diversity and was previously on the steering committee of the governmental mission Hack for Sweden. She is the founder of the nonprofit organization W.Empowerment along with the personal development platform One Empowerment, where the focus is on self-leadership and creating tools as well as meetups to help live a more meaningful life. You can listen to her Nova111 Talk here

What is Nova?

Nova is the by-invitation-only network where the top 3% of talent connect with each other, develop and accelerate their careers. Our mission is to become the agents of the most talented people in the world, helping them connect with each other, develop personally and professionally, and accelerate their careers so they reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves. All our members, after being nominated, go through a rigorous selection process that ensures that they have very well-rounded profiles, both professionally, academically, and from a soft-skills perspective. We have a community of over 12.000+ members who live in 86 countries and come from a wide variety of industries You can read more here

Why should I join?

  • Get Inspired: By joining this event you will get inspired by members of Nova and WCN, as we will have meaningful conversations about questions from the Empowerments cards about dreams, values, and gratitude.
  • Get Insights: During this event, you will gain insights from Women Career Network and the WCN member and Nova111 winner Annie Lindmark. Nova, WCN, and Annie will share some actual insights about Self-Leadership that you can bring with you.
  • Get Connected: One of our main goals is to connect top talents from different backgrounds amongst themselves. At this partner event with WCN, you will have plenty of networking opportunities in both sessions and speed networking 1-1. 


  • 18.00: Introduction of Nova, WCN & Annie Lindmar
  • 18.20: Group sessions to discuss topics inspired by Empowerment Cards 
  • 19.00: Speed-Networking between WCN/Nova members 

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