HS 4 maj 2017 annons

WCN welcomes its members to an exciting evening at the law firm Hammarskiöld & Co!

The business newspapers continuously write about how individuals within large public companies such as Hexagon and Fingerprint get accused of insider trading or market abuse. During this evening you will get the opportunity to meet practicing lawyers within the field who will talk about the current regulations as well as the regulatory challenges regarding insider trading and market abuse. After the presentations you will be divided into small groups and the evening will continue with something we would like to call “speed discussions” where we will discuss certain subjects relating to law, business and career. This is a unique event for female business and law students.

When? 4 May 2017 at 18:00
Where? Hammarskiöld & Co, Norra Bankogränd 2, 111 30 Stockholm, Sweden

The event will be held in SWEDISH.

Sign up for the event below. The spots are limited for female business and law students, first come first served. Please note that you will receive a confirmation if you get a spot at the event. Observe that the confirmation may take a couple of days to receive. If you have any issues with signing up, contact us at

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