SE Gothenburg – Hanna Larsson Rampe

Women’s Career Network warmly welcomes female law and economics students to an inspirational lunch lecture with lawyer Hanna Larsson Rampe, specializes in criminal and family law.
Would you like to know how to create work-life balance and how it is to work as a defence and family lawyer on a daily basis? Hanna Larsson Rampe will talk about the life at a law firm working with criminal and family law, what it is like to be a partner at a law firm and how to balance life as a lawyer and a mother. During the event Hanna Larsson Rampe will share her experiences and her career path with us, allowing you a glimpse into the life as a criminal defence and family lawyer. Food and drinks will be served.
This is a unique event for female students who are curious about what it’s like to be a lawyer and a mother but also of the role of a defence and family lawyer. We look forward to seeing you!
Please note that the event will be held in Swedish.
When? Thursday 21st of November, 12:10-13.00
Where? Handelshögskolan in Gothenburg, hall B33
There are limited numbers of places and law students are prioritized, first come first serve. Please note that you will receive a confirmation if you get a place at the event and that the confirmation may take a couple of days to receive. If you have any issues with signing up, contact us at
Sign up for the event here.