CQ 16 feb 2017 annons

Women’s Career Network is happy to welcome its members to a mingle at the law firm Cederquist on the 16th of February.

Over dinner and drinks you will get the opportunity to network with other members of WCN and employees at Cederquist. Lawyers at the firm will also give a presentation and guide you through an exciting recent transaction in one of its practicing areas, discussing challenges that they usually face and how to set up a team with different specialist competences in order to bring a project through.

As the presentation will be followed by a panel discussion we encourage you to think of and ask questions. This is a golden opportunity for you to find out how things work in practice and get knowledge which goes beyond what your law degree offers you.

We look forward to seeing you there – welcome!

When? 16th of February 2017 at 18.00
Where? Hovslagargatan 3, 111 96 Stockholm, Sverige

Sign up for the event below. The spots are limited and for law students only, first come first served. Please note that you will receive a confirmation if you get a spot at the event. Observe that the confirmation can take a couple of days to receive.

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