SBAB annons

A few times every year, WCN also invites men to our events with the purpose to enable networking between men and women. Women’s Career Network is happy to welcome both men and women to an inspiring event together with SBAB on the 15th March

Klas Danielsson, CEO of SBAB, is going to talk about his career and his journey from Nordnet to SBAB. He will also talk about the values of SBAB and why it is such an exciting company to work for.

Emma Persson, housing economist at SBAB will talk about her career path and about personal finance and housing finance. How do you manage to get in to a housing market with crazy prices?

After the presentations the evening will continue with mingling together with more SBAB-employees from different departments. We offer snacks and refreshments.

Find out more about SBAB here.

When? March 15th, at 17.30
Where? Solna business park, Svetsarvägen 24, Solna

Sign up for the event below. Both men and women are welcome to sign up for the event. You don’t need to be a member of WCN – but are welcome to apply for membership here so you get early access to upcoming events.

The spots are limited, first come first served. Please note that you will receive a confirmation if you get a spot at the event.

The spots are full.