Mentor annons

We are happy to announce that we finally are launching our Mentorship Program! The aim of the program is to provide students with the opportunity to find inspiration and guidance from professionals relevant to their future career. With support from the mentor we want to encourage the menthe to challenge herself, identify goals and establish a career plan. We believe that motivation starts with inspiration thus inspiration is the kew stone for a successful mentorship.

The application process
To apply for the mentorship program you are advised to email

First we will ask you to answer the questions stated below in a personal statement with your cover letter attached.
• Why have you applied to WCN:s Mentorship Program – why do you want a mentor?
• Describe yourself and your thoughts on career, dreams and goals.
• What do you want gain from the program?

Your CV must present where you live and what you study.

The matching process
After this we will perform a preliminary matching process between the mentors and mentées followed by an interview with the selected participants so that we can arrange a good mentorship based on experience, interests and expectations. We will then make a decision of the mentorship.

The application process’ function is only to find a match between mentors and mentées, thus there are no general requirements of specific experience or qualifications. Wether you are selected for the program is therefor based on if we have a mentor who fits your profie and if your expectations of the program matches the programs purpose and goals. This is to enable the best possible mentorship.

The mentorship program is only available for you as a member of WCN. If you are not a member you can sign up through this link.

We look forward hearing from you!

The application for the mentorship program fall 2016 is closed, but you are welcome to apply for spring 2017.