Café Opera - spring
Welcome to Women’s Career Network and KTH Finance Society’s spring cocktail party in collaboration with SKAGEN Funds and NOA Relaxation.

Female and male university students with an interest in finance or law are welcome to this evening of networking. We will serve light snacks, alcohol free beverages and promise you an evening filled of laughter, inspiration and new valuable relationships! Hope you are excited for this memorable evening in spring spirit!

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED – text Mimi at 070-4711142 if you want to be signed up for the event. We want to know your name, age, where and what you study.

By signing up for the event you agree to that we store your data in accordance with PUL guidelines.

Our events will be photographed and images may be published on the website, social media, etc. As a participant you give your consent to such publication. If not, please inform us as soon as possible at