THE BOARD OF WCN 2023-2024

Do you want to change the world to be a bit better while putting your theoretical skills into practical use? Women’s Career Network is now looking for a new board for 2023–2024. Join the global community of ambitious and motivated people in developing Women’s Career Network further.


Women’s Career Network is a nonprofit organization for female students who believe in combining passion, hard work and want to support each other in our growth.

We believe that success is the result of genuine interest and dedication. By uniting women who share our values we want to inspire and motivate more women to challenge society’s gender norms and contribute to a higher percentage of women in leading company positions


An active bachelor or master student within the field of business or law that likes to think a little bigger, who wants to develop and take strategic decisions on how our organization can grow and become even more than what it is today. 

President of the Board

As the President of the Board, you are responsible for the overall view of WCN and leading the board with the vice president. The role includes taking an active part in developing WCN and helping other board members to succeed in their tasks. 

Head of Finance

As the Head of Finance, you are responsible for budgeting, bookkeeping, and issuing of invoices, as well as leading the board with the President.

Head of Sponsorship

As the Head of Sponsorship, you will lead the sponsorship negotiations from the beginning to the signing process. The role includes prospecting new sponsors and taking care of the relationships with existing ones. In addition, you will take care of growing network members through collaborating with student unions.

Head of Mentorship

As the Head of the Mentorship, you are responsible for leading the team of project coordinators and ensuring the success of the mentorship programme as a whole. Your duties will include planning and developing the programme, recruiting and interviewing mentors, matching mentors with mentees, supervising the programme, and arranging inspiring events for the participants of the programme.

Head of Strategic Development

As the Head of Strategic Development, you are responsible for developing WCN as an organization for the community. This includes ensuring compliance with the organization and cooperation with the Board. You will also continuously identify improvement areas across functions and take action on the ideas, as well as do research for strategic insights. In addition, you are responsible for recruiting new WCN team members. 

Head of Marketing

As the Head of Marketing, you are responsible for all marketing for WCN, mainly on our social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and our website. You will design and implement content, as well as develop our marketing strategy to make it distinguished! You will also participate in and create content for events we organize. You will work closely with project coordinators who will help you brainstorm and create content.

Head of Events

As the Head of Events, with the help of project coordinators, you can unleash your imagination and plan amazing events with prospective company partners. Your duties are to lead the team from the planning stage, through to contacting companies, to attending the event itself. You will interview new project coordinators and supervise the entire event planning process. You should be a self-starter who is capable of taking initiative, who has leadership capabilities and who can also work as part of a larger team. 

Please include the following information in your application: 

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • What you study, which semester and what school
  • What position(s) would you prefer
  • Attach a brief statement with the motivation of why you are interested in joining the WCN team and your CV 

Send your application to latest on the 30th of May. You are welcome to ask questions before submitting your application if you have. Note that these positions are voluntary-based.