WCN is a network for women who believe in combining passion and hard work. We believe that success is the result of genuine interest and dedication. By uniting women who share our values we want to inspire and motivate more women to challenge society’s gender norms and contribute to a higher percentage of women in leading company positions.

As a team member of WCN you will be able to grow and develop your professional toolkit. You will get to work together with other ambitious students as well as leading companies in business and law. If you share our values, want to expand your professional network and think that developing our mentorship programme sounds interesting do not hesitate to apply!

Mentorship Programme

The aim of the mentorship program​me is to provide students with the opportunity to find inspiration and guidance from professionals relevant to their future careers​​. The mentors are some of the top professionals in their field. Your role as a Project Coordinator in Mentorship is to, together with your team, recruit and interview mentors; match mentors with mentees; and supervise the program​me as well as arrange kick-off​ and other program events. You can find more information about the mentorship programme on our website.

We are looking for an active university within the fields of business, technology, or law starting as soon as possible or latest in January 2022.

Please note that our positions are voluntary-based.

Send your application to including a CV and a brief motivational letter of why you are interested in joining WCN.

If you have any questions about the position, please do not hesitate to contact WCN Finland Vice Local Manager at